Our customers are crazy about how good of a job we do!

“They removed a huge tree in our yard and it was done cleanly and without the use of explosives or harsh chemicals. Their cleanup job was fantastic as well. Thanks Mendoza Local Boys!” — Benjamin Paine

“These boys trucked out an entire house’s worth of flooring we needed to replace after doing a great job of tearing it out faster than we would have expected, INCREDIBLE! Thank you for the speedy removal!” – Ricardo Sanchez

“WOW! Mendoza Local boys destroyed an entire cabin in our backyard which was rotting down to the ground in less than a morning! They had it hauled out by the end of the day! Cheers for getting that junk off our property!” – Sandy McIntyre

“They leveled out all the dirt in our back yard after we had a major construction done. They quoted us two days but had a massive job done in just one! They also removed years of accrued junk on our side yard!” — Pamela Hoffman